Jason Simpson

Director, Miami Operations

Jason J. Simpson, LL.M, CRA, CCA, is the Director of the Miami office for Global Atlantic Partners, overseeing all operations in Florida, the Caribbean and most of Latin America. Mr. Simpson works in the Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, AML/BSA, Project Management and Training practice areas.

Mr. Simpson is extensively experienced in AML/BSA practices and regulations as well as audit and consulting. Working previously as a bank compliance employee at various large and mid-sized financial institutions over the past 10 years and trained by a former Federal Reserve Examiner of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Mr. Simpson helps firms identify key issues and solutions while understanding the realities of the day-to-day inside a bank compliance department. He has been a key component in the removal of Cease and Desist Orders as well as other written regulatory agreements within a number of Domestic and International Banks.

Effectively, Mr. Simpson has developed and implemented various policies and procedures for International Banks as well as the effective management of numerous projects driven to revamp compliance departments. He has also designed a complete AML unit for a foreign bank in the Caribbean with over 2 million clients. Such design called for new AML monitoring systems, organizational structure, policies and procedures, staffing resources and complete training for all AML and key bank staff. Throughout his career, Mr. Simpson has also managed and participated in various remediation projects that resulted in successful completion.

In addition to his professional work directly with banks, Mr. Simpson also participates as an Adjunct Faculty Member of Thomas Jefferson School of Law for Compliance, AML and Fraud. He has taught, lectured and provided guidance to AML classes of the Master of Laws (LL.M) International Tax program. Further, he is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of AML/BSA having provided guidance to legal consul on various cases involving banks, money-laundering and banking laws and regulations pertaining to SAR’s and compliance department responsibilities. Mr. Simpson has also been requested to write in collaboration with other authors for a book on FATCA implications, implementations and compliance for Lexis Nexis.

Mr. Simpson has professional certifications as a Certified Risk Analyst (CRA), Chartered Compliance Analyst (CCA) from the AAFM as well as compliance certification from the International Compliance Association (ICA) of London.

Mr. Simpson has a bachelor degree in Criminology from Florida International University focused in Narco-Terrorism and white collar crime and holds a minor degree in Marketing. He also holds a Master of Laws in International Taxation specialized in Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing and Compliance from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Born in the United States to a Latin family and working for extended periods of time in South America, Mr. Simpson is fluent in English and Spanish with a working knowledge of Portuguese.