Bank Compliance

Bank compliance can be extremely complex for the small to mid-sized organization.  Regulations are often developed with larger banks in mind — the global institutions that have armies of specialists to help them comply. Smaller institutions that lack these resources face enormous regulatory challenges, putting them at greater risk of non-compliance.

Get expert help with bank compliance.

We can help. At Global Atlantic Partners, we have decades of bank compliance experience. Our principals have served both as senior managers at financial institutions and as regulatory compliance auditors. We have performed many bank compliance audits for domestic banks, global institutions, foreign financial centers and institutions large and small.

Bank compliance from the inside out. 

What sets us apart is this: we understand regulation from the inside out, from the reason it is legislated to the way it will be interpreted to the practical implications for your business. And we know how to cost-effectively ensure that your business is in compliance.

Our bank compliance services include:

BSA/AML Compliance
Do you need assistance evaluating or implementing a plan to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering legislation? Our BSA and AML experts can help you gauge the effectiveness of your program and implement recommendations for improvement.

Other Regulatory Compliance Services
Are you having trouble staying on top of compliance issues for all the regulatory frameworks affecting your business? Our knowledgeable consultants can review your situation, identify red flags, recommend improvements and help implement changes to ensure compliance.