AML Compliance

Complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation can be a challenge. When your staff is engaged in other compliance tasks, it can be tough to find the  resources to implement an effective AML compliance program.

We can help. Global Atlantic Partners provides expert advice and hands-on services for issues concerning AML compliance, as well as Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance. When you need assistance to measure the effectiveness of you AML compliance program, we have the expertise and senior professionals who can help you get it done.

Get valuable KNOWLEDGE on aml compliance.

Keeping current with AML requirements is critical to compliance. Our consultants have invaluable knowledge of the regulatory environment. Their insight can help you reduce the amount of resources you need to allocate to AML compliance.


When you choose Global Atlantic Partners, you’ll work with a senior level consultant who is dedicated to your account. We provide maximum assistance to each client by limiting the number of new accounts we take on. Our consultants have many years of experience working with AML compliance issues for a broad range of organizations.


Some consultants provide recommendations only, leave the burden of implementation up to you. Our BSA/AML consultants are ready when needed to assist you in implementing recommendations.

Our AML compliance services include:

AML compliance audits. Our AML audits deliver a comprehensive evaluation of your AML program. Our auditors will review and assess the policies, procedures, and processes you have implemented to:

  • Comply with AML, BSA and OFAC requirements.
  • Identify high-risk customers and products.
  • Comply with record-keeping requirements.
  • Identify and report suspicious or unusual transactions in accordance with CTR and SAR filing requirements.
  • Comply with Customer Identification Program requirements.
  • Train employees concerning AML compliance requirements.
  • Comply with requirements for sharing information with the government.

AML Compliance Training. Our consultants can help you:

  • Customize training to your specific business lines.
  • Design and implement training to satisfy AML  annual training requirements.

AML Compliance Program Development/Enhancement. We can also provide help design and implement AML policy, procedures and program enhancements with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.