Business Continuity Planning

Threats to your business may arise on many fronts: from fraud or embezzlement, from technical malfunction, or even catastrophic weather events. Business continuity planning is critical to ensuring that you can respond quickly to threats with a minimal impact on business processes and profitability. But with the very real opportunities and crises on your plate today, it’s easy to postpone the task of  preparing for unknown events in the future.

ensure Your business continuity planning gets Done.

We can help. Our business continuity planning experts can help you prepare a business continuity plan that will identify your level of exposure to internal and external threats and create a road map for getting business back up and running after a catastrophic event. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ – your plan depends on the uniqueness, needs and risk appetite of your organization.

Get hands-on HELP with business continuity planning. 

Business Continuity Planning involves many steps: analysis, solution design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Our involvement can range from creating the entire plan from scratch, to overseeing an existing plan, to providing input, to putting the plan into action during an emergency.

Our business continuity planning services include:

Business Impact Analysis (BIA). The BIA is a management-level business continuity planning analysis that helps to assess the impact of a disruption, incident or crisis. A BIA identifies what will be lost if business is interrupted, and what that loss might cost in profits, loss of revenue, damaged relationships with clients and loss of reputation. The analysis identifies the  resources in people, machines, documents or processes upon which the business depends, and how much of interruption any given process or task can tolerate before the damage or pain becomes real.

Business Continuity Planning. The findings from a BIA can be used to craft a plan for business continuity management. The plan will provide guidelines on how to implement, operate, maintain and test business continuity strategies and solutions. It will identify the level of complexity and details required in your plan in order to protect your business. And it will assess the level of investment you may need to make – the faster you need to recover from disaster, the greater your investment may need to be in continuity or recovery strategies.

Our business continuity planning programs are developed and performed in accordance to FFIEC guidance and best practices in the industry.