Business Process Reengineering

Managing finances during a period of growth can be a challenge. As your business environment gets more complex, your management accounting systems and business processes must evolve as well. But when your company is heavily focused on achieving growth and other objectives, it can be difficult to find the internal resources you need to keep your financial analysis at pace.

We can help. Global Atlantic Partners provides top financial executives for with extensive domestic and international experience to address your needs for sound financial controls and business process reengineering.

Manage growth through business process reengineering.
An inadequate financial management system can hamper the growth of your organization. Our business process reengineering experts can help you develop new processes for reporting and analysis to manage and fuel your growth.

Avoid risk with the aid of our business process reengineering professionals.
To manage risk, financial reporting and analysis must be aligned with the strategic vision and goals of your company. With decades of experience in financial analysis and risk management, our business process reengineering consultants will prove a valuable addition to your risk management efforts.

Get help with implementing reengineered processes.
You have plenty of people telling you what you need to do. Our business process reengineering consultants will actually help you get it done. Experienced in managing, expanding, acquiring and turning around a wide range of businesses, we have the skills to implement our own recommendations.

Our BUsiness Process reengineering services include:

Management Reporting

  • Provide profitability reporting and analysis for an organization, a product, segment, customer, branch or channel.
  • Develop business planning and forecasting which includes performance measurement systems that meet risk management goals, financial performance metrics such as EVA and RAROC and financial review checkpoints and planning calendars.
  • Design, select and implement appropriate financial reporting systems that perform accounting systems upgrades and conversions.
  • Develop best practice Management Discussion and Analysis Disclosures (MD&A).

Strategic Planning

  • Identify key performance drivers.
  • Ensure drivers support strategic goals.
  • Align compensation programs to goals.
  • Develop strategic re-positioning.

Investor Relations Advisory

  • Provide outsourced investor relations services.

Financial Industry “Best Practices”

  • Capital Allocations
  • Funds transfer pricing
  • Cost allocations and activity-based cost management

Expense Control Initiatives

  • Develop and implement cost cutting programs during post-merger integration, and process re-engineering.
  • Improve working capital efficiencies.
  • Develop outsourcing assessments.
  • Design and implement shared service centers.

Global Accounting Standards

  • IFRS versus GAAP
  • Accounting for financial instruments
  • Fair Value accounting versus Historic Cost
  • Accounting formats
  • Online data-tagging standard Extensible
  • Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
  • Develop policies and procedures manuals

Business Process Reengineering Case Studies

As companies grow, financial oversight becomes more complex. We have helped revamp or develop the financial and businesses processes needed to manage and prolong growth.
View the case studies.