Investor Communications

Managing investor communications can be daunting. You want appropriate market valuation, ample liquidity, and broad coverage by analysts. But day-to-day operations and crises always seem to compete for your time and attention, and investor communications often gets moved to the back burner.

Get hands-on help with investor communications.

We can help. Our investor communications consultants provide counsel on investor communications that is both strategic and practical. We can help prepare a comprehensive communications program, or assist with specific issues.

Get guidance on a wide range of communications issues.

Our investor communications consultants offer expert guidance on a broad range of practical issues and questions, such as:

– “Our IPO has been completed. The investment bankers have done their jobs and moved on. Now what?”
– “We’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with analyst earnings estimates. What should we do?”
– “Our investor presentations have grown stale and don’t seem to resonate. How shoudl we change them?”
– “Quarterly earnings announcement days are overwhelming. What’s the best way to prepare?”
– “Analysts/investors continually compare our performance with our competitors. What information should we be tracking?”
– “We have a terrific internal candidate to head up IR but the person is a little green in dealing with Wall Street.  How can we best accelerate the learning curve?”

Our investor communications services include:

  • Setting messaging
  • Articulating investor communications strategy, business mix, performance and growth opportunities
  • Building relationships with key analysts and institutional investors
  • Managing investor expectations, both external and internal
  • Preparing comprehensive quarterly earnings reports
  • Improving investor presentations
  • Preparing crisis communications
  • Assessing current shareholder base
  • Enhancing disclosures to investment community
  • Sampling analyst/investor perceptions
  • Determining the right kind of comparative analytics with industry peers
  • Gauging Wall Street reaction to contemplated actions
  • Syncing investor communications with financial media relations
  • Adapting investor communications efforts to related constituencies, e.g. rating agencies
  • Identifying essential information sources to investor relations department
  • Planning Investor Days
  • Training investor communications personnel
  • Linking investor communications with other key internal areas, especially finance, legal, M&A and employee communications.