Corporate Governance

In risk management, it is critical for senior management and the board of directors to put in place a good corporate governance structure. A well-defined framework for corporate governance helps the enterprise adhere to ethical standards, best practices and formal laws.

Improve corporate governance to mitigate risk.

We can help by recommending, implementing, reviewing and benchmarking corporate governance structures. With extensive experience, our expert consultants can efficiently synthesize management and corporate governance processes to guide your directors and officers as they address the issues your company faces.

Our corporate governance services include:

  • Providing workshops for board members and senior management on corporate governance, information technology risk management, and other relevant topics.
  • Assessing existing corporate governance practices, including identification of gaps between the organization’s current practices and best practice guidelines.
  • Assessing functions of management and the board, as well as the relationship between the two entities.
  • Providing guidance to the board in its responsibility to achieve legal and regulatory compliance, including the development of corporate codes of conduct.
  • Assessing corporate governance processes and board oversight of systems for risk management, including internal financial, operational, and information technology controls.
  • Assisting in the structure of the various board committees,  including their composition and development of related charters.
  • Assessing whether or not the existing committees of the board are effectively discharging their primary functions.